Janis Terpenny, PhD

Center Director

expertise: conceptual design, knowledge management, product families and platforms, obsolescence, complexity, and design education

Site Director

Brigham Young University

John Salmon, PhD

Site Director

Iowa State University

Gul Kremer, PhD

Site Director

expertise: design engineering

Seda McKilligan, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Creativity, innovation, group dynamics

Oregon State University

Rob Stone, PhD

Site Director

Christopher Hoyle, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Design Automation, Design under Uncertainty

Irem Tumer, PhD

Site Co-Director

Pennsylvania State University

, PhD

Site Co-Director

Dan Finke, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise, Production Planning and Scheduling, Optimization

University at Buffalo - SUNY

Kemper Lewis, PhD

Site Director

expertise: design theory, collaborative design, multidisciplinary optimization, decision modeling

Ken English, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: cyberinfrastructure in engineering design, engineering education, multidisciplinary design synthesis, applications of optimal design

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sundar Krishnamurty, PhD

Site Director

expertise: Engineering design; Additive manufacturing; Design for addiitive manufacturing; Metamodelng; Information modeling; Ontologies

Douglas Eddy, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: sustainable design, optimization, knowledge management, engineering design, 3D Printing

Wayne State University

Kyoung-Yun Kim, PhD

Site Director

expertise: design science; design informatics; design awareness on manufacturing processes; semantic assembly design; product life-cycle modeling

Jeremy Rickli, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Manufacturing Systems, Remanufacturing, End-of-Life