Janis Terpenny, PhD

Center Director

expertise: conceptual design, knowledge management, product families and platforms, obsolescence, complexity, and design education

Brigham Young University

John Salmon, PhD

Site Director

Iowa State University

Gul Kremer, PhD

Site Director

expertise: design engineering

Seda McKilligan, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Creativity, innovation, group dynamics

Oregon State University

Rob Stone, PhD

Site Director

Christopher Hoyle, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Design Automation, Design under Uncertainty

Irem Tumer, PhD

Site Co-Director

Pennsylvania State University

Dan Finke, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise, Production Planning and Scheduling, Optimization, Simulation

University at Buffalo - SUNY

Kemper Lewis, PhD

Site Director

expertise: design theory, collaborative design, multidisciplinary optimization, decision modeling

Ken English, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: cyberinfrastructure in engineering design, engineering education, multidisciplinary design synthesis, applications of optimal design

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sundar Krishnamurty, PhD

Site Director

expertise: Engineering Design; Design Optimization; Design Innovation; Additive Manufacturing; Medical Device Design

Douglas Eddy, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Modeling for digital design and manufacturing, design optimization, additive and smart manufacturing, knowledge management

Wayne State University

Kyoung-Yun Kim, PhD

Site Director

expertise: design science; design informatics; design awareness on manufacturing processes; semantic assembly design; product life-cycle modeling

Jeremy Rickli, PhD

Site Co-Director

expertise: Manufacturing Systems, Remanufacturing, End-of-Life