Thrust Areas


Objective: to develop new methods and tools that more closely integrate engineering design with engineering analysis, manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance, and sustainability.

Industrial relevance: Disrupting the traditional siloes of design, manufacturing, maintenance, and lifecycle processes with emerging methods (e.g., digital thread).


Objective: to develop new engineering design processes and methodologies to improve creativity and innovation in design of products, systems, production systems, and supply chains.

Industrial relevance: Innovative designs, design tools, and methods result in more desirable products produced at potentially lower cost and reduced time to market. This capability leads to increased, longer-term market share and improved customer capabilities.


Objective: to explore and develop new software, hardware, information modeling approaches, and secure data handling processes used by corporations and their supply chains.

Industrial relevance: Strong and secure infrastructure provides a foundation for intelligent, integrated, and innovative strategies (e.g. big data analytics, cloud computing) to improve design, manufacturing, and maintenance of complex products.


Objective: to develop methods that enable intelligent, data/information-driven and model -based systems that allow for better and faster decision making. Researchin this area focuses on development of tools, methods, and algorithms that enhance the capabilities of the designers through collaboration with computing resources.

Industrial relevance: Leverage or drive advances in computing and analytics infrstructure, advanced algorithms, methods and tools to provide crictical decision making information to the right person at the right time.

Design Education

Objective: to prepare students to take on current and future challenges of engineering design. Focus on engineering design studio and collaboration centers for educating and testing/validation research; Curriculum and programmatic updtes and development; international interdisciplinary collaborations; Latest toold and pedogogy for design education. Industrial relvance: The development of well-prepared engineers for careers in the area of intelligent product and system design, development, and realization is fundamental to the Design Education research thrust.